Chest Workout At-Home: How to Lift Your Breasts Without Using Weights


The bench press has always been my favorite chest exercise.

But, nevertheless, I often finish a chest workout with push-ups to get an amazing pump!

Push up workouts are a great way to build your chest without weights.

Believe it or not, the bench press primarily activates your front delts and triceps (particularly at lockout).


And whilst it can still build impressive pecs, many become frustrated with their lack of pec development.

Sure, their delts and triceps are growing, but their chest is lagging.

So in today’s post, I’m going to show you how to build your chest without weights.

This highly effective routine will also give you perky, lifted breasts!

It’s surprising how many people perform push-ups without giving it much thought.

Therefore, I want you to become more mindful of how you execute the movement.

Lastly, you’re also going to add a couple of twists to the routine.

Tips For The Perfect Push Up

First, you’re going to start off with a set of regular push-ups.

Most of you are very familiar with this exercise…however, here are a few tips:

  • Keep the angle of your body and legs in a straight line (think plank).
  • Don’t allow your hips to pike or slump.
  • Do keep your glutes squeezed which protects your lower back.
  • Drive your elbows back, don’t allow them to flare out to the sides (even when you adopt a wide position to throw stress on the outer pecs).
  • Focus on keeping a tight core.

12 reps for this warm-up set should suffice.

What is Adduction?

It’s important to consider adduction when you’re learning how to build your chest without weights.

Adduction means attempting to bring your hands together as you’re pushing.

They won’t go anywhere but adding this simple hack will recruit your chest fibers more strongly.

So instead of just pushing the floor away, you’re going to squeeze the hands together.

By the way, it’s always better to think about pushing the floor away rather than pushing your body upwards.

This shift of perception helps with correct recruitment patterns.

Perform another set of 10-12 reps adding adduction to your set.  You’ll really feel the difference.

Add Furniture Sliders

Your chest works with your core; the two are closely related.

So for your third set, after each push-up, you’re going to perform a crunch.

For this, you’ll need a smooth surface such as a wooden floor.

Plonk your toes on the furniture sliders and after each push-up and crunch your knees up to your lower chest.

This will give you an incredible pump!

Sliding Flyes

Next, you’re going to perform the push-ups on your knees with the floor sliders under your palms.

Begin by turning your fingers out at 45 degrees and bend your elbows slightly.

This helps to protect your shoulder joint and rotator cuff.

You may want to bend your hips slightly and remember to keep that butt squeezed.

Next, allow your hands to slide out to the side bringing your face close to the floor.

Then squeeze your pecs to bring your hands back to the starting position.

In conclusion:

This is really tough but incredibly effective.

If it’s too difficult, then increase the angle of your hips.

You can also use partial reps…find your threshold and then push back up before you hit the sticking point.

Finally, keep your reps controlled. – you don’t want to end up smacking your face on the floor!

Dangers of Performing The Flyes On Your Toes

This is something that I don’t personally recommend due to risk of injury.

Remember: motions such as this place the shoulder joint under a lot of pressure.

Furthermore, increasing the weight only adds to this stress…especially if you have long arms.

Here’s what the routine looks like:

  • Regular push-ups x 1.
  • Push-ups with adduction. x 1.
  • Push-ups with crunch x 1.
  • Sliding flyes on your knees x 1.

Start with 12 reps for your first set.

As you ascend through the difficulty levels, you’ll be the best judge on how many reps to perform.

Either way, I can guarantee a pump like none you’ve ever experienced!

Start Slow

If this is your first time, I’d advise performing just one complete super set (all four exercises).

Then, see how your chest feels the next day.

Follow these wise words of advice: ‘stimulate, don’t annihilate’!

It’s not only pointless and unnecessary to perform more sets than required to trigger muscle growth, but will also impede your recovery.

In Summary:

  • Keep your core and butt tight.
  • Keep your head up and neck straight.
  • Don’t let your hips sag toward the floor.
  • Keep your reps slow and controlled. Push-ups are ideal for placing continuous tension on the muscles.
  • Don’t feel you need to do all 4/5 sets.
  • To lessen the challenge, stick your butt out more and perform partials.

This is a surprisingly difficult routine…

…but well worth the effort!

If you’re not ready for the full workout just yet, at least add the tips you’ve learned about the perfect push up.

I hope things are now much more clear on how to build your chest without weights.



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