Women Around The World Applying Baking Soda Under Their Eyes – The Reason Is Phenomenal !!!


Soda is a universal ingredient. It is the best friend of every woman because it fights against dry skin, cellulite, pimples and dark circles. Every woman recommends it because the recipe is inexpensive, simple and it gives positive results.

Not only it is helpful as a cleaner in every household, it is also effective for face care. Those who love natural cosmetics tend to avoid scrubs, toothpaste and masks. Instead, they use baking soda which gives a paste when mixed with water. This paste is a universal crème for face and for the whole body.

For this reason baking soda is among  popular crèmes against dark circles. At a close look of a declaration of any care product you will see “baking soda” among other chemicals.

So why you poison you body when you can simply use soda.


The previously mentioned mask for dark circles is good for dark circles that appear because of a lack of sleep. You should know that there are people who are genetically predisposed to have these circles and masks won’t help.

All you you need is:

– Cup of hot chamomile tea

– Teaspoon baking soda


Use lukewarm tea for the sensitive skin around eyes. Mix the soda with the tea, then soak an absorbent pad in it and rub it around eyes.  Leave two pads on the skin for about 15 minutes. Wait in a lying position.  Then wash your face and apply a cream of your choice or use coconut oil which is good for wrinkles. After a regular treatment you will have a radiant skin, an effect which is impossible with other crèmes that you buy.



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