Why Does Migraine Happen?


Why Does Migraine Happen?

After years of research regarding Migraine, scientists now believe the actual stimulus happens from outside the trigger. It starts in the back of the brain, gradually spreads all over the area, the nerves are stimulated one by one, causes nausea, sensitivity to light and you get sensation at the back of your nose and your eyes. 

The question is why does it happen? What are the triggers?

You might find it hard to believe, but the first trigger is coffee, interesting, right? Coffee is generally known to be good in easing the headache, but when you withdraw from it coffee can cause a headache.

Another trigger is stress. It triggers the Migraine and it ripple all through the brain, touching little nerves, and leading to the sensation outside.

Poor sleep is considered to be another reason causing the Migraine.

And finally here comes the solution: To get rid of the pain, look for OTC containing Acetaminophen, Caffeine and Aspirin. 



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