How to lose weight if you weigh 200lbs or more.


How to lose weight if you weigh 200lbs :

To lose weight if you weigh 200lbs, you will Have to change your mindset, quit some habits, take care of your hormones, and eat healthy everytime so even after weightloss you maintain the weight.


  • Change your mindset.
  • Quit some habits.
  • Take care of your hormones.
  • Eat healthy.

Its not about deciding to lose weight, or how long you’ve been trying to lose weight or how many times you’ve lost weight and regained it over and over again.

Trying to lose 3-5 pounds is quite easy, say 20 pounds a lil difficult right ?


Anyways what I’m trying to say is this, 

you won’t lose weight overnight, be prepared for temptation, challenges and weakness but with the right motivation to last to the end then you will lose weight gradually.

You don’t start a sprint race the same way you engage in a Marathon. 

1.Change your mindset!

Life weight if youbweight 200lbs motivate

Hey, i want you to smile every morning when you wake up and see yourself in the weight you desire whilst also feeling the joy and happiness you’d feel in your desired weight.

From here on out forget the past .

Only I can change my life no one else can do it for me Carol burnett
When you look at your reflection in the mirror, don’t see a fat chubby 200 pounds woman, see yourself as the best.

Accept who you are! Accept the fact that you weigh 200 pound and Accept the fact that only you can change yourlife

Remove every form of self pity,hate and bad energy from your life

Hey love yourself!Focus on what you want!,not what you don’t want

Please do this right now: write down your desired weight and how you’d feel in that weight when you attain it. 

Paste it somewhere you can see it daily. Now its a goal.

And when challenges do come? Be Prepared for challenges because surely my dear, they will come. 

starting your day out knowing challenges will come makes it easier for you. 

Thats like having a plan B

“A pessimist sees difficulty in every oppotunity and an optimist see opportunity in every difficult ” Williams churchill

Quit some habits !

They are a lot of bad habit and misconception about losing weight that you already know and believe.

But if you’re planning to lose weight if you weight 200lbs then you have to:

2. Stop counting calories

You should really focus on getting enough nutrient in your body rather than counting calories my dear. 

if you even want to count anything count chemicals.

so long as you’re eating healthy foods and home made foods, not refined products! then you’re good. 


This is Because at the weight 200pounds the body’s hormones including insulin resistance , cortisol, leptin are probably damaged or faulty already, which is what led to weight gain.

But if you focus on nourishing your body you will lose weight.

3. Don’t start with a minor step or small change!

Take for instance, you started your weight-loss program about 2 to 3 weeks ago and today you’ve already dropped some significant pounds of about 15 to 20lbs.

Obviously, then you’re sure and you will feel motivated for the long run that you will lose more as time goes on. 

But if you take baby steps in the beginning and you only see very little changes, then no motivation to keep going which eventually leads to giving up.

Now I’m not saying you should just switch up and totally change your life. 

But make a change significant enough in your diet or lifestyle that it will positively affect your weightloss in both the short and long run.

we have big changes in our lives that are more or less a second chance. Harrison ford

4. Do not exercise!

Yeah once more Do not exercise!

Though so many people think to lose weight if you weigh 200lbs you have to work your ass off….wake up as early as 6am and start working out and exercising.

Well i don’t believe in that.
oh why dave? 

Here you go, when you do exercise, you tell your body “hey you’re too lazy and fat, get fit arrrgh!” your body replies ” give me food!

I mean junks yunno to cover for the work i just did” Then the hunger craving sets in and because you’re too tired to make a healthy meal for your self, you eat extravagantly consuming more calorie than you need.

Also exercising will make your joints hurt and increase hunger cravings also. But you can take a walk, feel nature and engage your metabolism.

Walking is the best possible exercise habituate your self to walk very far Thomas jefferson

But once you start getting healthy meals then you can exercise.

5. Take care of your Hormones

Lose weieght if you weight 200lbs happy no stress

 How do my hormones affect me when I’m trying to lose weight if I weight 200lbs? 

They are produced by one tissue and moved through the bloodstream to carry out physiological activities but some of them affect weightloss.

1. Cortisol (aka the stress hormone)

When cortisol rises, it engages the conversion of blood sugar into fat.

This hormone is activated as a result of stress. 

when you’re stressed, your cortisol level rises which in turn helps you store more fat. 

you can avoid or relieve stress by doing yoga, being around people you love and being happy.

2. Leptin.

This hormone released from the fat cells, tells the brain when you’re too full so you can stop eating.

But leptin does not like too much fructose which is mostly found in fruits and unprocessed foods. 

The liver can’t process fructose so it just turns it to fat in the body. 

Therefore the more fructose converted to fat the higher your leptin level increases. 

This makes leptin’s message to be ignored because of fructose fat . 

now you just keep on eating and eating not knowing when you’re full making you gain excess weight.


Yeah esterogen , great in a woman’s body. 

But it also affects weight-loss, Esterogen helps to manage insulin produced in the body.

Insulin is the hormone that manages blood sugar Now that we are on track.

When you eat, blood sugar level rises as glucose and stored in form if glycogen ,then the insulin reacts by conveying them glucose to the liver, muscles, and lastly the fat cells . 

When you don’t eat healthily, This happens: your estrogen level is high, you become insulin resistant and insulin stops conveying glucose to the liver and muscles instead stores them as fat in the fat cells

Eat healthy!

Eat when you are hungry, 
please dont starve yourself.

when you do eat, make sure you eat foods that are high in protein, or high in fat and a lot of fibre including meat,fish, nuts.

Please don’t starve your self when you do starve yourself, you deprive your body of the essential nutrients. 

Your body starts to burn only few calories which is a mode of survival in humans .

This eventually leads to inability to lose weight.

6. Eat foods with high protein content!

Lose weight if you weigh 200lbs protein food

One of the reason for weight gain is that you dont consume enough protein.

protein which is very satisfying will keep you fuller longer and help you avoid overeating. 

foods such as eggs and salmon contain almost zero calories and will keep you full for a longer time.

7. Eat more fat and avoid carbohydrates

You can boost your weightloss with the right kinds of healthy fat such as cocunut oil which i include in almost all my meals. 

Consuming fat won’t make you fat! thats just to clear that misconception.

When you eat more of healthy fats, your insulin level will lower and keep you fuller longer. 

Avoid carbohydrates Chances are that your body is already insulin resistant from alot of carbohydrates.

Insulin resistant meaning your pancreas produces high amount of insulin after each meal.

when you avoid carbohydrates and eat more healthy fat then your body is set on a good path to lose weight.



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